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Data Testimonials

Our working world is becoming ever more digital, and it is our mission to embrace the opportunities opened up by new technologies. Because of our global reach and different divisions, there is an immense variety of projects around data at Bertelsmann. Find out more about the importance of data science in the context of an international media, services and education company.

Peter Lipp

Bertelsmann Marketing Services

Why is data important for your division?

In direct marketing it is all about data! Ideally, you want to address the right person with a customized message and an individually assorted offer at the right point in time via the channel that’s most relevant to this person. So you need plenty of information and data to come as close as possible to this perfect marketing dream. My company, AZ Direct, thus considers itself a strong partner to conduct data-driven marketing campaigns. We support our clients with powerful solutions around data, such as customer profiling, segmentation, twinning, cross-channel-matches and more.

How is data being applied in your division?

Data-driven means, for us, that most of the products and solutions we offer at AZ Direct have been set up around our database system, AZ DIAS. Here we hold information on every German building and almost every German household. This data can be used to select relevant target groups for our customer, as well as offer additional insights for their marketing. It can even be used to set up cross-channel solutions like a DirectMail-Retargeting.

What role does data play in your job?

My job is all about data – every day! It’s about data quality, about the information it holds, refining this information and inspiring our customers with new insights. It is the process of constant learning about new strategies and approaches to identify even more from our database. Data truly is the core of my job, as well as of my company. Every campaign, every project is a new task for me and makes my job so exciting.

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