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About TMB

Learn more about our networking event –
this year as an exceptional virtual experience!

Are you ready to shape the digital future? Are you a creative entrepreneur who is passionate about the media landscape and data-driven business models?

We’re looking for talents with entrepreneurial, innovative mindsets to participate in our international networking event, Talent Meets Bertelsmann. Tackle the challenges and opportunities of digitalization and participate in challenging workshops. Work hand in hand with experienced Bertelsmann entrepreneurs on key business ideas and present your results in front of a jury of Bertelsmann executives. Join Talent Meets Bertelsmann and gain an in-depth insight into one of the biggest media companies in the world.

When and Where?

April 12–30, 2021

Three inspiring weeks lie ahead, and every session counts!

Participants should commit to actively participating in all nine sessions from 5PM to 8PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

This year, TMB takes place in a digital format open to students currently residing in Europe. Applicants must have access to a computer with a camera and microphone for online conferences and a stable internet connection.

Why TMB?

At Talent Meets Bertelsmann, you will:

  • Experience a great sense of community from the comfort of your home,
  • Get involved in a varied program with workshops, challenges and community events,
  • Expand your network and receive individual career consulting,
  • Become a lifelong member of the international TMB alumni network.

How to Apply

Unfortunately, the application deadline for Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2021 has expired. But we are already looking forward to receiving your application in the spring of 2022 for next year’s TMB!

Talent Meets Bertelsmann Program

  1. 3 weeks - from April 12 | 3 days - MON WED FRI | 3 hours from 5-8PM (CEST)
  2. Join interdisciplinary groups and participate in workshops
  3. Experience Bertelsmann through a live virtual concert, studio tour or keynotes
  4. Enjoy virtual happy hours, quiz nights and networking evenings
  5. Benefit from individual career consulting by HR professionals
  6. Receive goodies and gifts by mail to help you get connected

Who are we looking for?

Business innovators who

  • Are Bachelor, Master or MBA students, or Ph.D. candidates in the field of business adminstration, economics, management or finance with above-average academic performance,
  • Have gained experience in projects (e.g. research work, internships, start-ups, case study competitions etc.),
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for business and strong communication skills.

Creative innovators who

  • Are Bachelor, Master or MBA students, or Ph.D. candidates in the field of the humanities, social sciences, media, journalism or communication with above-average academic performance,
  • Have gained experience in projects (e.g. research work, internships, start-ups, creative writing etc.),
  • Have a creative mindset, media expertise and strong communication skills.

Data innovators who

  • Are Bachelor, Master or MBA students, or Ph.D. candidates in the field of informatics, applied mathematics, business analytics, statistics or data science with above-average academic performance,
  • Have gained experience in projects (e.g. research work, internships, hackathons, online coding courses etc.),
  • Have a problem-solving mindset, tech expertise and communication skills.

Application Process

Take a look at the chronological overview below

  1. 1.
    Submit your application online
  2. 2.
    Interview with us online
  3. 3.
    Receive your invitation
  4. 4.
    Take part in virtual edition of TMB

Bertelsmann Executives on Talent Meets Bertelsmann

Success Stories

Laura Reichert, TMB Alumna 2017

“When I first applied for TMB in 2016, I didn’t get in. But I tried again one year later, shortly before graduating from my master’s, and this time I succeeded. Since then, TMB has been shaping my professional and personal life in so many ways. The event itself was the most inspiring, uplifting and fun ride – not only because our team won the first prize and had an unforgettable trip to New York City afterwards. I also made friends for a lifetime and was able to expand my professional network significantly – which eventually led me to my dream job at Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe. And still today I’m always thrilled about the TMB Alumni events and exchanging views with my fellow alumni from all over the world and different professional backgrounds.”

Laura is currently Audience Development Manager at
Penguin Random House in Munich.

Benedikt Dalkmann, TMB Alumnus 2008

"Never before has the media, services and education industry been as exciting as it is today. Open-minded people with ideas and new perspectives have excellent career prospects at Bertelsmann. I participated in the first Talent Meets Bertelsmann in 2008. The event started my journey at Bertelsmann and I am thankful for the opportunities which TMB offered."

Benedikt is currently CFO at Bertelsmann Education Group. 

Marta Domagalski, TMB Alumna 2018

Participating in TMB 2018 literally changed my life! And I’m not exaggerating. At that time, I was finishing my Master’s studies in Statistics at Humboldt University of Berlin. I applied to TMB assuming that it’s a usual recruitment event. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Not only was I able to make valuable connections with fellow participants from all over the world and learn from case studies, I was also recruited to Bertelsmann’s data science program. Over the course of 20 months, I had the opportunity to work on data projects in different divisions of Bertelsmann such as Gruner + Jahr, RTL Group, Penguin Random House and Arvato, working from offices in Cologne, Amsterdam, New York, London and Toronto.

Marta is currently Data Scientist at
Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland in Cologne.

Xiaowei Zhang, TMB Alumnus 2018

"The participation in TMB was a definite highlight during my master’s in Germany. The three-day event in the summer of 2018 was filled with inspirational ideas, great exposure to Bertelsmann and entrepreneurship. I am truly grateful for the eventual winning trip to Los Angeles, the subsequent internship opportunity at BMG Berlin as well as all the interesting professional and personal connections made through TMB Alumni Events worldwide. I would strongly encourage curious minds to explore this great opportunity this spring!"

Xiaowei Zhang is currently a Research and Intelligence Analyst at Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Singapore and Shanghai.

Sascha Firtina, TMB Alumnus 2016

“When I applied for TMB, I thought I had signed up for a high-class student competition. Well, it turned out to be way more than that! I ended up making friends for life, meeting several new business partners and having a job in Gütersloh, impacting my career until today. As Executive Assistant to one of Bertelsmann’s Board Members, I had the unique opportunity to discover Bertelsmann inside out. And I can only say: It’s worth discovering.”

Sascha is co-founder of GOCOMO GmbH in Berlin.

Highlights from Previous Years

Would you like to find out more about the experiences and contacts former participants have made? Are you still wondering what TMB is all about? 

Creative assignments, challenging workshops, inspiring presentations and unforgettable parties - we have collected some impressions from previous TMB events for you.

Discover the highlights of our international networking event and let them inspire you to become part of the next TMB event!

Learn more

TMB Community

After the event, TMB participants become part of the exclusive Talent Meets Bertelsmann community, which includes almost 700 outstanding members and grows every year. It allows our talents to stay in touch with Bertelsmann and other TMB alumni via regular communication, a yearly alumni reunion in Berlin as well as regional meet-ups throughout the year.

Learn more


  • Application

    • What are the requirements for participating in Talent Meets Bertelsmann?

      You must be a currently-enrolled Bachelor, Master or MBA student, or a Ph. D. candidate in the field of data science, business or humanities. You need to provide proof of your proficiency in English, as the event will be held in English. You should also be enthusiastic about the media industry, entrepreneurial ideas and data. For the virtual edition, you need to be located in Europe for the entirety of the event. This ensures that everyone is in a similar time zone and that any packages, which we send you via the mail, arrive on time.

    • Does it matter how far along I am in my studies?

      No. You are eligible to participate whether you are just beginning, in the middle or about to graduate. MBAs with some work experience are also welcome.

    • When is the application deadline?

      This year’s application phase for Talent Meets Bertelsmann will end on March 14, 2021.

    • When and how will I find out whether I’m among the top talents?

      We will be reviewing the applications and selecting participants during the entire application phase. Next step of the process will be an asynchronous video interview held in English. Those selected for participating in a video interview will be notified during the months of February and March, and at the latest by March 19th via e-mail. After having completed your interview, you will find out if you have been selected about two weeks before the event.

    • What is an asynchronous video interview?

      The asynchronous video interview is a new form of interview in which you, the applicant, are guided through a structured process, which you do on your own. During the interview, you answer (text-based) questions in front of your webcam while being recorded. It is asynchronous because you complete the interview independently, at a time and place of your choice, without an interviewer asking the questions.

    • Why do an asynchronous video interview instead of a phone interview?

      A phone interview can only give a small glimpse into your skills and personality. You benefit greatly from the fact that we can get a more complete impression. Another advantage is your independence regarding time and place. For an asynchronous video interview, there is no need to spend a lot of time coordinating schedules for an initial appointment because it can be carried out when you and we are available, independently of each other.
      Of course, you can still opt to perform a telephone interview instead.

    • How is the protection of my data guaranteed?

      The security of your personal data is guaranteed at every point of the selection process. The software for the asynchronous video interviews meets the highest technical and organizational security standards.

      Access to the password-protected software is available only to relevant contact persons. Your data and your interview are protected from unauthorized access at all times.


Do you have further questions? Get in touch with our TMB team: Gabi Schnurr, Angelika Jagusch or Pamela Taylor.


Please note that we do not consider applications submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail.

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