Meet Randy in Marketing


Personal Details




Random House of Canada Limited


Marketing Manager


Mississauga, Ontario

Describe your educational background. Where did you study? What degrees did you receive?
I have an English degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. I also have a post-graduate diploma from Centennial College (Book and Magazine Publishing). Also, I attended the Simon Fraser University Book Publishing Immersion program in British Columbia. So, as you can see, I am a bit of a book publishing geek!     
What are your current roles and responsibilities? 
I work with the Director of Marketing to create and implement marketing plans for newly published Canadian books. I also work on planning trade shows and festivals like "Word on the Street." It’s a great job.     
What has been your most memorable moment (so far) in your job?
Discovering that I had been acknowledged in the back pages of a book and realizing then and there how my work affects authors, books, an—in a small but important way—the culture of this country.     
What would you do if you could take a year off? 
Travel to as many different places as possible. In particular, I’d like to visit Hong Kong to see the city where both of my parents grew up. I’d also read as much as I could!     
What is your favorite spot in the world?   
Probably Brighton Beach in England. How anyone lives a normal life there, I don’t know. I would eat cotton candy and stare out from the Palace Pier all day long.     
What are the qualities you admire most in a person?
I like people who are comfortable in their own skin, people who are loyal, and people who know the value of a good hug.     
If you could meet anyone from history, living or dead, who would it be?  
Geri Halliwell, to find out exactly why she left The Spice Girls. Just kidding. I’m not that shallow. Or am I?
What is your favorite book, movie, and artist?   
Book: Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson
Movie: Wonderland, Birdy, and Stand By Me (the musical)
Artist: Galaxy 500, Cinerama, Belle and Sebastian, and Billy Bragg    


What is CYOC?

CYOC is the abbreviation for "Create Your Own Career"

The slogan emphasizes individual career opportunities and entrepreneurial freedom, which employees of Bertelsmann get. The following video shows what Create Your Own Career means for our employees.