Meet Jason in Programs

Name: Jason
Company: FremantleMedia North America
Title: Executive Assistant
Location: Burbank, CA

Describe your educational background. Where did you study, what degrees did you receive?

I attended Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (SIUC), then transferred to Columbia College Chicago, where I received a B.A. in film and video. As a student at SIUC, I worked at the PBS station (WSIU/WUSI) located on campus. I also freelanced as a production assistant on various features, commercials, and music videos in Chicago and Los Angeles such as Stranger Than Fiction and Ocean’s 12.

What are your current roles and responsibilities?

I am the assistant to Jennifer Mullin, who is the Senior Vice President of Current Programming. A typical day involves scheduling meetings and rolling calls. 

What attracted you to your company and position? What is your favorite thing about your job? 

I feel that FremantleMedia is a place I can learn each step of the process of creating entertainment. I learn something new every day, and my boss explains why things are being done a certain way when I have questions, which is great. 

What has been your most memorable moment (so far) in your job? 

Going to the taping of America’s Got Talent, and seeing the variety of acts perform.

If you could meet anyone from history, living or dead, who would it be? 

The Ancient Egyptians, so I could find out how they built the pyramids. 

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga dude! 

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at your company? 

The ability to pay attention to details. 

Have you had the opportunity to travel as part of your job? 

No. A show in the Bahamas would be a nice location. 

Do you feel you have a good understanding of Bertelsmann and its corporate culture? 

Yes. It’s very entrepreneurial, and each company is responsible for its own actions. 

What is your favorite book, movie, and artist?

Book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Artist: Jay-Z


What is CYOC?

CYOC is the abbreviation for "Create Your Own Career"

The slogan emphasizes individual career opportunities and entrepreneurial freedom, which employees of Bertelsmann get. The following video shows what Create Your Own Career means for our employees.