Meet Ian in Publishing Operations

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Ian in front of the many books that Random House publishes.

Personal Details

Name: Ian
Company: Random House, Inc.
Title: Inventory Manager, Publishing Operations
Location: New York, NY

Describe your educational background. Where did you study? What degrees did you receive?   
I completed undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh and NYU, receiving degrees in non-fiction writing and business administration.    
Describe your career history. What are your professional experiences prior to your current position?     
Prior to gaining an associate position at Random House after graduation, I worked at a marketing firm in London while studying abroad. I also wrote for the University of Pittsburgh student newspaper.     
What are your current roles and responsibilities?      
I am part of the Children’s Inventory group, which oversees parts of the supply chain from the initial printing of a title to account delivery. We’re involved in deciding how many books to print, collaborating with the publishing groups on business decisions, and working through issues with our warehouse.      
What attracted you to your company and position? What is your favorite thing about your job?    
Random House is the largest publisher in the world, so it was a logical choice based on my interest in publishing. As an associate, I bounced around to different divisions, from Royalties to Editorial, before settling into a position in Publishing Operations. I enjoyed all of my experiences though. It’s so important to work with people you trust and work well with, and I’ve done that consistently.
What has been your most memorable moment (so far) in your job?    
There have been quite a few memorable moments, but I’ll never forget Peter Olson, former CEO, pouring me a beer from a keg in his office during a building social event. That sort of thing doesn’t happen too often.      

What qualities do you feel are necessary to be a successful employee at your company?     
You must have the ability to focus on your own responsibilities without losing sight of the publishing process as a whole. Other people depend on your work, so it’s important to think of yourself as part of a team. I also think you have to be passionate about what you’re doing, because if you’re not motivated by books, this business can be difficult to understand. The culture is very unique.

Do you feel you have a good understanding of Bertelsmann and its corporate culture? 

Yes. They emphasize autonomy. It depends on where exactly you work, of course, but Bertelsmann is not intrusive. I believe they take pride in Random House and do their best not to intimidate the employees.


What is CYOC?

CYOC is the abbreviation for "Create Your Own Career"

The slogan emphasizes individual career opportunities and entrepreneurial freedom, which employees of Bertelsmann get. The following video shows what Create Your Own Career means for our employees.